3 Benefits of an Energy Performance Contract Post Covid-19 and Why Superintendents Should Care


Dr. Alan Groveman, Retired Superintendent
Kendra McQuilton, CEO of Energia


Dr. Timothy Eagen, Kings Park Superintendent

Brought to you by the Suffolk County School Superintendents Association (SCSSA)

Hosted On: July 30, 2020 at 10:00 AM


How can superintendents successfully meet the needs of their students, while remaining sensitive to the economic fallout caused by COVID that their taxpayers and communities will face for an uncertain time frame?

Aging and deteriorating buildings and systems can negatively affect student health, learning and student success.

Learn how superintendents can create a path forward for some, if not all, of the work they need to accomplish using guaranteed cost savings from reduced energy use to pay for the critical infrastructure improvements.