Energy Performance Contracts (EPCs) 101: Partnership of ASBO NY & Energia

Hosted By: Energia’s CEO Kendra McQuilton and the Association of School Business Officials New York (ASBO NY)
Hosted On: April 16, 2020 at 2:00 PM

Description: In Part One of our Educational Webinar Series, Energy Performance Contracts (EPC) 101, we discussed how to help during this unprecedented time where there have been negative impacts on districts’ budgets. We discussed what an EPC is and how it is a funding strategy to get guaranteed savings by reducing energy costs to free up budget dollars for student and educational needs. EPCs benefit School Districts and Municipalities by reducing energy costs approximately 30% without requiring voter approval and without increasing community taxes. Now is the time to learn about EPCs and take action to impact your 2021 budgets.

Also, to learn more about EPCs and the myths surrounding them, see part two and three in our series:
Part Two: Debunking Energy Performance Contract Myths: It’s Not Just Smoke and Mirrors
Part Three: Energy Performance Contract Success: It’s as easy as M+V (Measurement and Verification)