Do the ventilation systems in your school buildings have you concerned?

Is your Community worried about fresh air for their children in classrooms?

A new  U.S. Government Accountability Office (GAO) report  stated  more than half of our nation’s school buildings are suffering from major infrastructure problems including repair or replacement of several key systems which, if they aren’t fixed, can lead to serious health and safety issues for students, teachers and staff.

Do your students have a healthy learning environment?

Of the 9 foundations of healthy buildings , according to Harvard, at least 6 can be addressed in an Energy Performance Contract (EPC) , including ventilation and fresh air.

Energia is offering a full ventilation system assessment as part of your EPC.

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When you retain Energia as your district’s Energy Performance Contract (EPC) owner’s representative, we will ensure your district’s EPC includes a full assessment of your ventilation systems.

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Our report will provide you you with critical information about risk areas, as well
as a plan, and a funding source to correct them, helping you protect your students.

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