Moving Forward with Capital Projects in the COVID-19 Era

Hosted By: NYS’s Superintendent of the Year Dr. Michael Nagler and Energia’s CEO Kendra McQuilton
Sponsored By: NYSCOSS
Hosted On: April 23, 2020 at 1PM

Description: The COVID-19 pandemic is affecting every aspect of school district operations. How can superintendents successfully meet the needs of their students, while remaining sensitive to the economic fallout that their taxpayers and communities will face for an uncertain time frame?

For the foreseeable future, many bond votes for capital projects will need to be reconsidered, postponed, or cancelled.

During this 1-hour discussion, school districts will learn about a path forward for some, if not all, of the work they need to accomplish. It uses the concept of Energy Performance Contracting (EPC), which takes the cost savings from reduced energy use to pay for the cost of needed capital upgrades.

EPCs work well in the COVID-19 era for the following reasons:

  • No voter approval is needed
  • No taxpayer increase is required
  • Reduces energy costs by 30% on average
  • Takes energy waste and converts it into a large funding source
  • Reduces your operating and capital costs
  • Lowers future bond size

Learn how Mineola Public Schools are funding over $7 million worth of critical infrastructure improvements using guaranteed energy savings and how YOU CAN TOO!