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Empowering Education with Energia: A TALAS Partnership Spotlight Energia 31 subscribers Subscribe

Energia and Ray Sanchez, the Tarrytown Superintendent, have recently collaborated on this podcast with TALAS, featured in their Partnership Spotlight series. This particular episode takes a deep dive into the ever-changing landscape of educational transformation. It unveils the hidden strategies that drive equity, give voice to students, and set ablaze significant changes within learning environments.  

Rich School, Poor School

Rich School, Poor School is a podcast dedicated to uncovering school district inequities caused by the physical environment and the leaders who are answering the call. Each episode will introduce a school district champion who is driving change to help build more resilient and equitable learning environments for our nation’s students. Rich School, Poor School… Read more »

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Introduction & OverviewEpisode 1: Why a Proven Process WorksEpisode #2: Energy Performance Contracts vs. Capital ProjectsEpisode #3: Covid Relief Funding and Energy Performance Contracts.Episode #4: How Many Engineers Does it Take to Change a Fluorescent Light bulb?Episode #5: Top Questions Answered.Episode #6: Better Air in Classrooms Matters Beyond COVIDEpisode #7: Real World Energy Savings: Commack,... Read more »