Deborah Koller Jerome

Deborah Koller Jerome


Deborah Jerome is the Marketing Specialist for Energia, where she brings her extensive marketing background to support the team of energy-saving engineers.  Deborah believes that by helping to educate districts on the benefits of energy performance contracts, she is assisting schools in getting cleaner and greener.

Deborah’s background includes more than 20 years leading the marketing team for News 12 Networks, the country’s first, largest, and most-watched regional news network.  During her tenure she led the channel to being #1 in audience reach and most watched versus news competitors.  Prior to entering the local news arena, Deborah spent a year as Promotions Producer at Fox Sports Net, helping launch the popular regional network.  Additionally, she spent 6 years as Promotion Manager at the Fox Network affiliate in Providence, RI.

Before joining Energia, Deborah launched and ran her own business, LTD Moments.  As a solopreneur she was able to experience all aspects of the business world inside and outside of marketing.  In addition to the valuable life experience, the business launched a new hobby for Deborah: sports photography.  In her spare time, she can be seen on the sidelines and on Photoshop practicing this new passion.

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