Phillip Lanza, PE

Phillip Lanza, PE


Phillip Lanza, PE is Director of Engineering for Energia, where he is leading school districts and municipalities through the Energy Performance Contract process.  Phillip believes that by improving school buildings, he is improving the learning environment while also increasing cash flow for more education reinvestment.

Phillip has an extensive background as a Consulting Engineer with more than 12 years of experience working in the field of design and construction for MEP and Civil Engineering projects.  His portfolio includes a wide range of project types such as K-12 schools, energy analysis, healthcare, water/wastewater treatment, sustainability, and construction management.  Phillip’s background includes detailed planning and design, as well as construction administration.

Phillip has also spent time on the client side of the business, working directly for, or as a client representative.  He has extensive experience during all phases of construction, including contractor selection and award, shop drawing and submittal review, progress payment review, site inspection and review/approval of change orders.

Before joining Energia, Phillip spent nearly 5 years as Senior Project Engineer at H2M architects + engineers, and more than 3 years at Lizardos Engineering Associates, P.C.   Prior to that he was with PW Grosser Consulting for 5 years, starting as a staff engineer and later as project engineer.

A native Long Islander, Phillip received a Bachelor of Science in engineering from SUNY Farmingdale.  He currently holds a professional engineering license.

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