Renee Fassano

Renee Fassano

Senior Account Executive

Renee Fassano is the Senior Account Executive for Energia, responsible for managing the company’s Customer Relationship Management System (CRM), supporting the sales team with materials and outreach efforts, coordinating the company’s presence at events and conferences, and contributing to the development of marketing campaigns.

Renee started with Energia as Senior Administrator and was quickly promoted given her vast contributions in a short period of time. She successfully responded to Requests for Proposals / Qualifications, managed the scheduling for the senior leadership team, and coordinated conferences, among many other duties.

Renee’s background includes nearly four years at the law firm Meltzer, Lippe, Goldstein & Breitstone, LLP. In addition to her main function as Executive Assistant, her role also included Special Events Coordinator and Facilities Manager. Prior to that, Renee spent more than 11 years at the law firm of Lamb & Barnosky, LLP as an Executive Legal Assistant.

A native New Yorker, Renee grew up in Brooklyn and has spent most of her adult life on Long Island. She is an accomplished musician and singer and enjoys spending her free time honing her craft off-stage.

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