City of Middletown, NY

Middletown, NY

Project Overview

As the City’s Owner’s Representative and Engineer of Record, Energia managed the City’s EPC initiative. In this role, Energia assisted with preliminary studies on 15+ buildings, the RFP process, management of the development of the Investment Grade Audit, technical review of the contract, design/permitting/approval, and construction administration. This particular project installed standard Energy Conservation Measures (Lighting, HVAC, Building Envelope, etc) as well as the comprehensive retrofit of 1,400+ High Pressure Sodium and Metal Halide street and roadway lighting luminaries throughout the entire City of Middletown to LED technology. The projected savings is $340,000 a year for this measure alone.


Water Meters
The existing water meters installed throughout the City were mechanical and known to slow down and underreport the amount of water being used. The City reading methods required a meter reader to request entry and record the reading. Under the EPC project, the City of Middletown installed a complete Automated Meter Reading and Advanced Meter Infrastructure (AMR/AMI) system. This included the complete replacement of every water meter throughout the City with magnetic flow sensing meters, along with base stations mounted atop water towers around the City. These modern meters do not lose accuracy over their lifespan. In addition, the meters automatically report their usage to the base stations which in turn transmit them directly into the City’s billing system. This has virtually eliminated under billing of water usage, in addition to eliminating the need for employees to manually visit over 7,460 metered residences & businesses throughout the City.

Five Examples of 27+ Energy Conservation Measures:
  • Interior & Exterior LED Lighting
  • Traffic and Street Light Systems Upgrade
  • Solar Photovoltaics
  • Water Conservation
  • Water Meter Upgrade

Project Statistics

Project Size

$12.8 Million

Projected Energy Savings (Annual)

$1.1 Million

Reduction in Energy Costs


Completion date

August 2018

Project Type

Energy Performance, Contract and Street Lighting Evaluation

Energy Service Company

Energy Systems Group


Mayor Joseph DeStefano,
(845) 346-4100

The savings from the project will pay for the debt service. There is no burden to the taxpayer.

Mayor Joseph DeStefano

Mayor, City of Middletown, NY