Middle Country School District, NY Phase I

Centereach, NY

Project Overview

The magnitude of Middle Country’s EPC opportunity is one of many examples of how districts, despite performing major bond issues and maintaining their buildings well, can reap extraordinary benefits through the EPC process. With the state building aid, Middle Country’s EPC project received over $20 million of value to their taxpayers at no out-of-pocket cost.

Instead of wasting energy, they leveraged that waste to engage in a construction project that put people to work and greatly improved their facilities district-wide.

Most of the savings from this project came from lighting retrofits. However, because the district is over 1.4M square feet, the lighting savings was so large that it was able to fund a host of other needed building upgrades. These other upgrades included 2 boilers, window replacements in 4 schools, and district-wide temperature controls to improve the learning
and working environment while saving money.


The Largest Rebate Check Ever Awarded by the Long Island Power Authority (now PSEG-LI)

The District received a rebate of $770,035, the largest rebate check ever awarded at that time by the Long Island Power Authority (now PSEGLI)for a single group of energy conservation projects as a result from the Energy Performance Contract initiated, designed, and managed by Energia. The significant rebate was awarded as part of a public Board of Education meeting, resulting in a positive public relations opportunity. The Middle Country community was proud to know that their school district was doing all that it could to become as efficient as possible. District administrators have enjoyed a long period of trust and goodwill from their residents as a result of this and many other fiscally prudent initiatives.

Five Examples of the 20+ Energy Conservation Measures:
  • Boiler and Transformer Replacement
  • Cogeneration System
  • Computer Power Management
  • Lighting System Upgrades and Controls
  • Window/Door Replacements

Project Statistics

Project Size

$13.6 Million

Projected Energy Savings (Annual)


Actual Energy Savings (Year One)


Reduction in Energy Costs


Completion date

November 2013

Project Type

Energy Performance Contract

Energy Services Company

Johnson Controls


Herbert Chessler
Educational Financial Specialist, Energia Group
Retired Assist. Superintendent for Business, Middle Country UFSD
(631) 285-8020

As a result of our work with Energia, I am proud to say that Middle Country School District is an extremely energy efficient District. In addition, all of the work we did to achieve this was performed at no out-of-pocket cost to the District. I recommend Energia without hesitation.

Herbert Chessler

Educational Financial Specialist with the Energia Group, Retired Asst. Supt. for Business, Middle Country UFSD