Sachem School District, NY – Phase III

Holbrook, NY

Project Overview

Energia is honored to receive Long Island Business News’ 2020 Top Education Renovation – Suffolk Award for our work with Sachem School District’s Energy Performance Contract.

After experiencing the tremendous benefits of their Phase II EPC, the Sachem School District, one of the largest suburban school districts in NY State, teamed again with Energia to implement a Phase III EPC including the most cutting edge technology available. All upgrades were funded by future guaranteed energy savings to ensure zero taxpayer impact. The district will realize $14 million in cash flow throughout the life of the project.

It is estimated that 8.8 million annual KWH will be saved – the equivalent environmental impact of over 1,998 acres of planted trees, 756,938 gallons of gasoline and 15,460 barrels of oil. Estimated emission reductions in one year would include 14.7 million pounds of carbon dioxide and 28.5 metric tons of sulfur dioxide. This EPC will also save 291,000 gallons of water from low-flow faucets and aerators that will be installed.


The Magnitude of Solar Installations are the First of its Kind on Long Island

The Sachem School District again teamed with Energia to embark on a groundbreaking, 2 megawatt solar installation. In the years prior, the average solar installation was roughly 10 kW, and was done for educational purposes only. However, in 2015, the price of solar panels had dropped, the available incentives from utility companies had gone up, and the productivity of the panels had increased dramatically. These three factors led to a perfect scenario for Sachem to capitalize on solar power’s benefits with no out-of-pocket cost through the EPC process. The result was what is, to this day, one of the largest solar implementations ever completed by a New York school district.

Five Examples of the10+ Energy Conservation Measures:
  • 1 Megawatt of Cogeneration
  • 1,000+ LED Lighting Fixtures
  • 2 Megawatts of Roof-Mounted Solar
  • Roof Top Unit Replacements
  • Water Conservation Upgrades

Project Statistics

Project Size

$21.6 Million

Projected Energy Savings (Annual)


Reduction in Energy Costs


Completion date


Project Type

Energy Performance Contract

Energy Services Company

Johnson Controls


Bruce Singer,
Associate Superintendent,
(631) 653-5210
(Now at East Quogue School District)


Long Island Business News has recognized Energia
with the 2020 Top Education Renovation

With the latest technology, at no cost to the community, we’ll make our buildings more efficient and lower our energy consumption… Schools are the center of their communities. If we can share that message, the sense of how important it is to conserve our natural resources, hopefully it becomes important to the whole community.

Bruce Singer

Former Associate Superintendent, Sachem Central School District