The School District of Philadelphia GESA-1, Task-1

Philadelphia, PA

Project Overview

After successfully managing the Pilot project, the School District re-engaged Energia to develop this larger project in 5 different phases. The GESA-1 project features 12 buildings and includes HVAC upgrades across all facilities. The scope of phase 1 also includes comprehensive interior and exterior lighting fixture upgrades, elimination of antiquated pneumatic controls and upgrade to Direct Digital Control technology, Boiler Upgrades, and the deployment of air conditioning at two locations.


The Energia Team was reengaged to help the School District develop a strategy for implementing   comprehensive upgrades across a larger group of buildings than the previous Pilot project.

Energia then developed a weighted scoring matrix to assist the District with the selection of buildings for the GESA-1 project. Buildings were ranked based on most capital- intensive needs and which facilities had the largest opportunity for energy savings. This process created a repeatable, scalable, and transparent approach for future GESA initiatives for the School District of Philadelphia.

The GESA-1, Task-1 project is the first successful phase of ultimately 5 phases planned for the coming years.


Five Examples Energy Conservation Measures:
  • LED Lighting Upgrades
  • Water Conservation Upgrades
  • Building Envelope Improvements
  • Heating Systems Upgrades
  • Chilled Water Cooling System

Project Statistics

Project Size

$25.7 Million

Guaranteed Energy Savings (Annual)


Completion date


Project Type

Guaranteed Energy Savings Agreement (GESA)

Energy Service Company

Johnson Controls

M/W BE Participation