Town/School District of Southington, CT

Southington, CT

Project Overview

Town officials selected Energia to handle their Energy Performance Contract through a competitive process. Our first task was to review proposals received from ESCO’s. Energia’s past experience with all of the respondents allowed us to provide first-hand insight into the strengths and weaknesses of each. Energia provided an extensive evaluation of all measures implemented and assisted the Town in choosing an ESCO to work with. Energia supervised the development of the project, assisted in the contract negotiation and performed construction management responsibilities. Energia remained with the Town for the close of the project and has continued with the Town in the measurement and verification phase to ensure guaranteed savings were met.


Complete Rooftop HVAC Unit Replacement for Southington High School; 30+ Units Installed Over One Summer

Southington High School was conditioned primarily with 27 Rooftop Units (RTU); all of which were near the end of their useful life. The original air handlers, stairwell heaters, and main domestic hot water system utilized electric resistance as a heat source. Many of these systems’ electric elements had burned out and were no longer functional. The RTUs had been especially problematic for the facilities staff as spare parts became very hard to find. The EPC project completely replaced all 27 RTU’s; in addition to installing 2 new RTU’s on the roof of the main gym and along with creation of a completely new boiler plant to convert the remaining electric units noted above to hydronic. Given the school could not be occupied without these systems operational, the EPC took on the massive undertaking of completing all of this work within the 2-month window of the summer break, allowing school to open as normally scheduled.

Five Examples of the 15+ Energy Conservation Measures:
  • Burner Replacement
  • Complete Rooftop HVAC Replacement
  • Computer Power Management Software
  • Energy Efficient Transformers
  • LED Streetlights

Project Statistics

Project Size

$13.2 Million

Projected Energy Savings (Annual)


Actual Energy Savings (Year One)


Reduction in Energy Costs


Completion date

April 2016

Project Type

Energy Performance Contract

Energy Services Company



Annette Turnquist, P.E.,
Town Engineer,
(860) 276-9430

The Town and School District of Southington, CT EXCEEDED Year One Guaranteed Cost Savings! The ACTUAL cost avoidance was $952,022 which is $13,528 BEYOND the guarantee during the construction phase and year one of operation.

David M. Newman

Vice President, Energia