Valley Stream 30 UFSD

Valley Stream, NY

Project Overview

Energia and the Valley Stream 30 Union Free School District began planning the Energy Performance Contract back in the Spring of 2018. Over the course of several meetings with District staff, Energia was able to frame out an Energy Performance Contract opportunity that met the goal of the BOE, generated massive energy savings, and addressed key infrastructure needs.

Through the deployment of LED Lighting Upgrades and Solar PV arrays, the savings from the project were able to fund critical upgrades to the boilers at Clear Stream Avenue School and the elimination of antiquated pneumatic controls district-wide. The District is wrapping up construction in Summer 2020 and they are looking forward to students returning in the fall to an improved and more comfortable learning environment.


Energia’s risk-free, no obligation approach gave the District the confidence to move this initiative forward.

The Valley Stream 30 Union Free School District was originally skeptical on whether the opportunity for an EPC existed because they had explored this initiative several times over the years, but they were always told their annual energy spend did not justify a comprehensive project. Energia’s Engineers took a fresh look at the opportunity and identified applications for comprehensive LED lighting and Solar PV. Recent advances in this technology and the enhanced economics helped to drive savings to fund major capital upgrades district-wide and the District is now looking forward to over 80% reduction in utility bills. Energia’s risk-free, no obligation approach gave the District the confidence to move this initiative forward and dig into every last opportunity for energy savings in their buildings.

Five Examples of the 8 Energy Conservation Measures:
  • LED Lighting
  • Solar PV
  • Pneumatic-DDC Temp Control Conversions
  • Boiler Upgrades
  • Oil-Gas Conversion

Project Statistics


$5.2 Million

Projected Energy Savings (Annual)


Reduction in Energy Costs


Completion date

April 2021

Project Type

Energy Performance Contract

Energy Service Company



Dr. Nicholas Stirling, Superintendent of Schools,
Valley Stream District 30
(516) 434-3600

They were very, very thorough. There was never a point where we were confused or could not understand what was actually happening.

Dr. Nicholas Stirling

Superintendent of Valley Stream Union Free School District 30