Students & Parents

Students & Parents

How can an energy-savings project improve education for your student?

Energia can help your school district provide a comfortable, sustainable educational environment that is conducive to learning and achieving academic success. Studies have demonstrated that improving school environmental quality increases academic performance and reduces absenteeism. Better indoor temperature control, increased ventilation and improved lighting can improve students’ concentration enabling them to excel in class and achieve greater test scores. Let your school district superintendent and school board of education know that you support their efforts at creating a better learning environment for your student.

Today’s students are tomorrow’s engineers and financial professionals.

Energia recognizes that the next generation of energy and environmental engineers, financial professionals and facility architects will come from today’s students. 

The dedicated Energia team supports students and their families as they strive to reach their educational goals through extra-curricular learning and higher education. Energia offers two significant programs for students and their families:

  • Energia Career Exploration Program
  • Energia STEM Scholarship for Young Women

Energia Career Exploration Program

School district energy improvement projects can be transformative tools to enhance the learning environment and the learning experience. The rise in environmental consciousness – especially among K-12 students – presents a unique opportunity to engage these students in improving their schools, minds, and the planet, but it also drives more substantial results. Research shows that when students and staff take part in energy conservation initiatives, they feel greater ownership and are therefore more likely to support changes over the long-term and adopt behaviors that drive deeper savings.

Energia’s Career Exploration Program: Oceanside School Interview

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Real-World STEM Opportunity for Your Students

The Energia Career Exploration Program has been designed as an opportunity for your students to learn from industry professionals about how proactive energy reduction programs can improve the lives of your community members.

This program curriculum offers real-world lessons in science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) based on your district’s own energy improvement project.

By providing students direct access to engineers, energy consultants, and contractors, students have the opportunity to give feedback and participate in an on-site work-study project in environmental conservation. Whether their core interest is energy efficiency, engineering, or reducing their own carbon footprint, your energy improvement project can provide students with a meaningful and rewarding educational experience.

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Energia STEM Scholarship for Young Women

To help enable the next generation of young women to pursue educational opportunities in science, technology, engineering and math (STEM), Energia funds a $5000 scholarship for eligible school district partners.* This scholarship fund is directed by the school district and can be awarded to an individual young woman or multiple recipients who are interested in pursuing a STEM degree program or career. As a woman-owned and led business, the Energia team is excited and honored to encourage young women to follow their passions and interests into the exciting world of science, technology, engineering and math. Good luck and welcome!

*Eligibility includes but is not limited to: contracted partnerships beginning in 2021 or later and minimum project size of $5M.
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Energia's Larry Borgese Presents Scholarships to two STEM students

Energia's Larry Borgese had the honor of presenting scholarships to two Newfield High School young ladies pursuing STEM careers. We wish them success in their future endeavors!
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