Healthy Schools & Environmental Impacts

Healthy Schools & Environmental Impacts

“Structurally sound and well-maintained schools can help students feel supported and valued. Students are generally better able to learn and remain engaged in instruction and teachers are better able to do their jobs, in well-maintained classrooms that are well-lit, clean, spacious, and heated and air-conditioned as needed. In contrast , when classrooms are too hot, too cold, overcrowded, dust-filled, or poorly ventilated, students and teachers suffer.”

United States Department of Education, Office for Civil Rights. 2014. “Dear Colleague Letter: Resource Comparability.” Washington, DC: US ED.

Many urban school districts are experiencing a decline in enrollment. Energia recognizes when enrollment decreases, so does the district’s funding, making it difficult for much needed school improvements. Increasing taxes for education capital projects in poorer communities can be detrimental to families. Providing an opportunity to create energy-efficient buildings and capturing the saved funds to convert legacy buildings or build new world-class facilities to benefit students and your community is our goal.

Our Projects

Central Islip Union Free School District – Phase II

Central Islip, NY
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Town/School District of Cheshire, CT

Cheshire, CT
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The School District of Philadelphia – Pilot Project I

Philadelphia, PA
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Client Testimonials

Dr. Constance Evelyn

Retired Superintendent of Valley Stream Union Free School District 13

Valley Stream, NY Watch Video
Dr. Michael Nagler

Superintendent of Mineola Union Free School District

Mineola, NY Watch Video
Dr. Nicholas Stirling

Superintendent of Valley Stream Union Free School District 30

Valley Stream, NY Watch Video