Energia has decades of experience managing Energy Performance Contracts (EPCs) and advocating for school districts. As energy-savings engineers, Energia has helped save millions of dollars in energy costs with their distinct set of qualities that set them apart in the industry. What allows them to successfully drive the energy savings performance contract process is their singular focus combined with three unique attributes:

Not One Dime:

No out-of-pocket expenses to the school district. The cost of the project is fully paid for by the energy savings generated.

An EPC is a transformational tool that school districts should turn to for meeting multiple needs. By improving the health and safety of buildings through much-needed upgrades, schools can also reduce their environmental impact and enrich the educational experience for students. All expenses are paid from the guaranteed savings achieved through lower energy and maintenance costs. The result is a positive cash flow, allowing schools to allocate funds to support other essential needs. Any project awarded is contractually guaranteed to provide the savings identified. If the savings fall short, the school district will be compensated for the difference.


Energia provides a turnkey, end-to-end service to ensure project success

Energy performance contracts are an untapped resource that should be managed efficiently from start to finish for the full benefit. From opportunity assessment to proactive management, and straight through to student engagement, school districts should rely on a qualified specialist for complete support and guidance, and to drive the entire process. A trusted partner like Energia also verifies your actual energy savings for three years – for a full understanding of the savings achieved.

Unparalleled Experience:

World-class expertise with over 125 energy performance contract projects completed. Over 20 years of industry-specific best practices.

With a client-focused leadership team, a portfolio of certifications, and notable successful projects to showcase, Energia has helped schools save millions of dollars with a focused approach that provides the maximum value from an EPC and delivers an average of 30% in savings with undeniable positive results. Years of experience has built the foundation and guidelines that provide confidence with decision making.

It takes a high level of commitment and expertise to refine these three unique attributes and lead the way in best practices when engaging in energy performance contract projects. Energia has proven their leadership time and again and demonstrated why they are education’s energy performance contract advocate.