New York is considering withholding building aid at school districts across the state. This is a damaging possibility for all. Fortunately, this potential loss in state aid has no affect on an Energy Performance Contract (EPC). In fact, your timing in looking into this option may be ideal.

Energia can help you mitigate these potential cuts by using future guaranteed energy savings, to make needed critical infrastructure improvements now. This will help you create safer, healthier and more energy efficient buildings that cost less to operate. Energia helps school districts find significant savings through EPCs. Our specialized focus on K-12 schools is unique, and proven: we’ve delivered over $1 billion in energy conservation improvements through 100+ projects over the past 22 years.

Let us help you navigate this challenging time –
Contact us today for a complimentary economic opportunity plan and see how you much can save.


Improve your buildings and your finances with an EPC which relies strictly on energy savings —
NO capital outlay, NO government assistance, and NO taxpayer increase needed.This is a fiscal positive for your district and community!

For more information, reach out to Energia’s Chief Executive Officer Kendra McQuilton at