Solar Projects

Solar power is a smart investment for your school district.

  • Reduces energy bills
  • Protects against rising energy costs
  • Helps the environment by combating greenhouse emissions and reduces our dependency on fossil fuels

Financing your solar project through an energy performance contract (EPC) makes that investment smarter still by enabling you to add solar to your buildings with no out-of-pocket expenses or referendum. All expenses are paid for out of your guaranteed savings—plus, your district gains a guaranteed positive cash flow with rebates and other incentives.

With Energia as your EPC program partner, we can help your district leverage the advantages of today’s solar power technology, including:
  • Rooftop solar. A great way to efficiently utilize existing building square footage to reduce energy usage and cost by providing a green, clean energy alternative, today’s rooftop systems allow you to reap the benefits of solar technology while ensuring the panels are out of the direct line of sight and removed from any potential interference. No roof penetration is required, and there are no worries about maintaining your roof warranty or ongoing maintenance.
  • Solar canopies. Typically utilized in parking lots, walkways and other paved areas, these elevated structures host solar panels, while providing shade at the same time. Beyond the significant major benefits of energy and cost savings—canopies can be angled for maximum energy production—they’re an efficient use of space, providing shade and protecting people (and cars) from the elements making them a great alternative to rooftop panels for many districts.