Proven Process

Proven Process: Energia Proven Process for Energy-Savings Success

Energia uses a seven-step process that provides critical information and a detailed roadmap for achieving project success, making Energia the best choice to manage your energy-savings project.
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Seven-step Playbook

1)  Discovery
  • Review strategic goals
  • Understand facilities challenges
  • Identify funding options
2)  Energia Financial Assessment™
  • Gather and analyze utility data
  • Develop self-funding financial model
  • Provide guaranteed energy savings project plan
3)  Energia Project Proposal Competition™
  • Develop technical and custom request for proposals
  • Source detailed competitive energy audits from contractors
  • Validate implementation viability 
  • Scrutinize every word and number
  • Ensure maximum value for district
4)  Final Scope and Savings Agreement™
  • Select winning contractor
  • Negotiate contract terms most favorable to district
  • Protect district from preventable risk
5)  No-Risk Funding
  • Vet final term sheets
  • Verify accuracy
  • Ensure guaranteed savings match payment schedule
6)  Districtwide Physical Transformation
  • Provide on-site contractor oversight
  • Keep contractors on schedule and in code compliance 
  • Review contractor invoices against claimed completed work
7)  Actual Savings Proven
  • Measure and monitor energy savings for agreed period
  • Confirm 30%+ reduction in energy costs is achieved
  • Report results to stakeholders