January 12, 2021 / 10 – 11 am via Zoom

In our one-hour free webinar we discussed innovative strategies that can help your district increase revenue and decrease costs. There were three presentations on energy performance contracts, cash flow options and renewable energy assets.

Presented by Energia, CSArch Architects and Engineers, Bernard P. Donegan, and Smart Energy New York.

Listen to the webinar here

Presentation 1

A “big idea” for School Leaders is to use Energy Performance Contracts (EPC) as a method to undertake necessary facilities improvements amidst the COVID-19 pandemic. Even in today’s poor economic environment, superintendents can create a taxpayer-sensitive path forward for improved ventilation, renewable energy, and other needed capital upgrades using guaranteed energy savings as the funding source through an Energy Performance Contract (EPC). We will discuss a recently approved EPC to fund energy-efficiency upgrades. Pawling CSD’s EPC will use guaranteed energy savings to fund $1.9 million in critical infrastructure improvements at no additional cost to the district or taxpayers.

Presenters will be Kendra McQuilton, Energia, Tom Ritzenthaler, CSArch and Mimi Heslin, Pawling CSD.

Presentation 2

This session will discuss possible cash flow options for Districts during difficult economic times caused by the COVID-19 Pandemic. From new legislation to cash flow borrowing options, this session will identify possible tools available to Districts to assist in managing finances through the coming months and years.

Presented by Jason M. Schwartz, C.P.A. Municipal Consultant and Bernard P. Donegan

Presentation 3

Smart Energy New York (SENY) is a new initiative with NYSCOSS. It is designed to immediately save districts thousands of dollars on their energy costs by building actual renewable energy assets. SENY’s model is unique, protecting New York districts’ budgets with no cost to schools.

Presented by Elhajamin Young, Chief Executive Officer and Atticus Francken, Partner