In efforts to create healthier, more energy efficient buildings, Westbury Union Free School District hired Energia as a technical owners’ representative for their $6.9 million project for district-wide energy saving upgrades.  Together, they initiated an Energy Performance contract (EPC) with multiple benefits including funding the project 100% out of the guaranteed energy savings.  The building improvements made will reduce energy and increase operational efficiency without tapping into capital budgets or increasing taxes.

With a 62% Minority and Women-Owned Business Enterprise (M/WBE) participation rate, including Energia being woman-owned with WBENC certification, the entire project has a strong equity focus with the EPC providing the following benefits to the community:

» Over $376,000 in energy savings within the first year

» Over $4.6M in net cash for school districts to use throughout project term

»  Additional $150,000 in net cash each year for the school district to use annually

»  $161,000 in rebates from PSEG-LI and National Grid

»  Annual carbon dioxide (CO2) emission reduction by almost 2,500 tons, which is equivalent to nearly 30,000 barrels of oil saved over the next five years.

New energy efficiency measures generate savings

The energy upgrades included in this project include improvements in lighting, temperature control, ventilation and health and comfort. The lighting upgrades feature a district-wide, comprehensive LED lighting conversion and the air handling units will be outfitted with modern temperature controls.   On the renewables side, a 1,143-kW roof-mounted solar installation, including a carport, will greatly reduce energy costs, generate revenue and decrease gas emissions.

EPCs result in savings and create opportunities

“While you’re reducing the cost of energy, you can leverage those funds to provide more instructional programs and services for children and increase your workforce, if necessary, so that it can positively impact a child in a community” stated Mr. Eudes Budhai, Superintendent of Westbury Union Free School District.

With the economic challenges and overall instability stemming from the global pandemic, the Westbury Union Free Schools took the opportunity to leverage the benefits of and EPC.  By utilizing this budget-neutral approach, the district is able to pay for today’s necessary facility upgrades with future energy savings. The funds now available from these savings, can provide additional instructional programs and services for children and allow Westbury to increase its workforce.  The end result from all these savings provides a lasting, positive impact on the children and for the entire community.

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