This $6+ Million project includes a 28% reduction in energy costs

This project was initiated by Energia to assist the School District to leverage potential energy savings with the funding of key energy system upgrades.


Freeport Public Schools, New York

Project Name: Phase II Energy Performance Contract
Project Size: $6.28 Million
Projected Energy Savings (Annual): $347,415
Reduction in Energy Cost: 28%
Completion Date: In Progress

Project Type: Energy Performance Contract (EPC)
Energy Service Company: Energy Systems Group (ESG)

Project Description

Freeport Public Schools and Energia first met in the spring of 2017.  Since then, we have worked together to conduct preliminary energy analyses, select an Energy Services Company, and fully develop the specific scope of the Energy Performance Contract. Energia is now working diligently to complete the design and submission of the plans and specifications to NYSED for permitting and approval. 

This project was developed to address capital needs that were identified in their five year capital plan. From our first meeting, the team worked together to prioritize and fund capital upgrades such as HVAC units, LED Lighting, and improved temperature controls.

Five Examples of Energy Conservation Measures

  • LED Lighting
  • Temperature Controls
  • Steam Trap Upgrades
  • Chiller Replacements
  • 15 Unique ECMs