ECG Group Rebrands as Energia; Helps School Districts and Municipalities Obtain Facility Improvements Funded by Guaranteed Energy Savings

Smithtown, NY – January 4, 2022 – School districts across America are under pressure to achieve the highest level of operation, administration and educational success while facing rising energy and facilities maintenance costs that are largely beyond their control. Energia™ (, an Energy Finance Solutions Provider for School Districts and Municipalities, helps to rein in these costs and convert them into funding for proactive facility improvements and energy-saving capital improvements – including new windows, lighting, HVAC equipment or solar energy – without generating out-of-pocket expenses or requiring district referendums. More details about how Energia leads energy-savings projects for school districts and municipalities can be found at

Over nearly a quarter of a century, Energia has completed more than 125 successful energy savings projects ranging from roofing to combined heating and power initiatives. It has managed over $1 Billion in energy performance projects, resulting in more than $56 million in annual energy savings which school districts have been able to apply toward their facility improvements.

“We selected a new name and relaunched our brand to better reflect our passion, direction and recent expansion into new markets,” says Kendra McQuilton, Energia CEO. “Energia expresses movement and direction; in Latin it means energy and efficiency. Our new name better reflects the bold new directions and aspirations we have for the company and the school and municipal communities we serve.”

According to the Better Building Initiative of the Department of Energy, K-12 school districts spend nearly $8 billion annually on energy costs. A combination of aging facilities and limited school budgets have resulted in deferred facilities maintenance totaling an estimated $270 billion price tag for eventual infrastructure repairs.

Energia empowers school districts and municipalities to transform their escalating energy costs into educational facility improvements that provide long-lasting impact for the entire school community. The Energia team helps school districts uncover and unlock trapped energy funds and convert legacy, energy-inefficient facilities into cost-efficient, world-class educational environments. Energia has become the trusted advisor and advocate for understanding, explaining and managing complex energy-savings initiatives, energy retrofits and energy performance contract programs.

A Proven Process for Energy-Savings Success

Energia leads the country in driving successful school Energy Performance Contract (EPC) projects. Using its Energia Proven Process for Energy-Savings Success™, Energia manages the complex ecosystem of energy project financing, energy services companies (ESCOs), compliance with energy performance contract statutes, state and federal funding, and utility rebates. This seven-step process delivers critical information and a detailed roadmap for achieving project success, making Energia the best choice to manage complex energy-savings projects.

Since its founding in 1998 as ECG Group, the company has leveraged decades of experience to ensure school districts and municipalities receive the guaranteed maximum energy savings for their projects.

Expansion to Serve New Markets

To better serve the expanding market of school districts and municipalities fed up with rising energy costs and deteriorating facilities, Energia has taken a series of bold steps, including expanding into new regions. The company currently serves school districts and municipalities in New York, New Jersey, Connecticut, Pennsylvania, Massachusetts and North Carolina. It is expanding its reach to include Florida, Georgia, Illinois, Ohio, Virginia and Texas. To help steer its expansion, the company hired Deborah Jerome as Marketing Specialist, and it enlisted an outside agency to support its brand marketing efforts.

Energia Gives Back to the Communities it Serves

As part of its rebranding strategy, Energia has developed two significant programs for students and their families: the Energia Career Exploration Program and the Energia STEM Scholarship for Young Women.

Energia Career Exploration Program™

School district energy improvement projects can be transformative tools to enhance the learning environment and the learning experience. The rise in environmental consciousness – especially among K-12 students – presents a unique opportunity to engage these students in improving their schools, minds, and the planet, but it also drives more substantial results.

Research shows that when students and staff take part in energy conservation initiatives, they feel greater ownership and are therefore more likely to support changes over the long-term and adopt behaviors that drive deeper savings.

The Energia Career Exploration Program has been designed as an opportunity for students to learn from industry professionals about how proactive energy reduction programs can improve the lives of their community members. This program curriculum offers real-world lessons in science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) based on a district’s own energy improvement project. By providing students direct access to engineers, energy consultants, and contractors, students have the opportunity to give feedback and participate in an on-site work-study project in environmental conservation. Whether their core interest is energy efficiency, engineering, or reducing their own carbon footprint, these energy improvement projects can provide students with a meaningful and rewarding educational experience.

Energia STEM Scholarship for Young Women™

As a woman-owned and led business, the Energia team is excited and honored to encourage young women to follow their passions and interests into the exciting world of science, technology, engineering and math. To help enable the next generation of young women to pursue educational opportunities in science, technology, engineering and math (STEM), Energia funds a $5,000 scholarship in each school district it supports. This scholarship fund is directed by the school district and can be awarded to an individual young woman or multiple recipients who are interested in pursuing a STEM degree program or career.

School district and municipal leaders are encouraged to learn more about Energia’s energy savings project experience at

About Energia

Energia, an Energy Finance Solutions Provider for School Districts and Municipalities, turns school district energy liabilities into educational assets. Energia empowers school districts nationwide to unlock trapped energy funds and convert energy-inefficient facilities into world-class educational environments – without generating out-of-pocket expenses or requiring district referendums. Energia is a trusted advisor and advocate for understanding, explaining and managing the complex school district energy-savings eco-system. Energia ensures school districts can be confident in their energy-saving initiatives. For more information, visit