Harnessing the Benefits of Guaranteed Energy Savings Act (GESA)
For Pennsylvania School Districts

Energia has helped school districts in Pennsylvania save over $3.7 million in annual energy savings through Energy Performance Contracting (EPC), with additional projects in development.  Built on decades of experience, and over $1B in annual energy savings improvements, Energia recognizes the untapped opportunities throughout Pennsylvania school districts to provide long-term energy and cost savings to schools with zero risk.  With an experienced partner like Energia to execute an EPC through the Guaranteed Energy Savings Act (GESA), Pennsylvania schools can make needed upgrades that will positively impact buildings, the bottom line, and the future of student success for years to come.

Overview of Qualifications & Experience


Energy Performance Contracting was established in Pennsylvania in 1998 under the Guaranteed Energy Savings Act, known as GESA.  This enabling law permits school districts to use EPCs to make large-scale facility improvements that save energy and money without any upfront cost.   Energia is a trusted resource that has been managing the contracting process with consistent success.  The major benefits for Pennsylvania school districts to consider with this approach touches upon multiple, critical areas.

What benefits can Pennsylvania school districts expect with a GESA?

  • No referendum is required
  • No change orders
  • Fast approach to facility improvements
  • Improved learning/working environment and comfort
  • Energy savings and promotion of renewable energy
  • Education of staff and students about energy conservation

According to the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), our nation’s school districts spend $6 billion annually on energy with 30% of that energy being used inefficiently.  Implementing an EPC through GESA can offset this waste by reducing costs by an average of 30%.

What types of facility improvements are included in a GESA project?

  • Lighting, lighting controls, and daylighting
  • Modernized heating, cooling, ventilation, and temperature control systems
  • Envelope components such as: windows, doors, roofs, insulation, and weatherization
  • Installation of renewable energy sources such as: photovoltaics (PV), geothermal, oi/coal to natural gas conversion and more.

These upgrades significantly reduce energy usage, resulting in decreased utility spending, thus permitting funds to be allocated to other imperative programs.  With over $200 million in projects completed, or in development, in the state of Pennsylvania alone, Energia has been making informed decisions about GESA solutions for over eight years.  As the overall program has evolved with various enhancements and legislative updates, Energia continues to adapt to these changes as a trusted expert on the matter.

How can my school district get involved?

Pennsylvania school districts can start saving for the future by choosing a partner who specializes in GESA.  Contact your expert technical owner’s representative at Energia today!

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