Date: February 25, 2021 at 12-1PM

Who Attended:

Superintendent of Schools, School Business Officials, School District Executives, Board of Education Members and those who are thinking about upgrading school facilities.

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It is budget season amid a pandemic, with unknown aid changes coming. Alleviate your school budget NOW without having to make the difficult decision to cut needed infrastructure improvements that keep your school buildings healthy and efficient for your students.

This session focussed on:

→ Explaining self-funding projects
→ Securing energy savings of 30% per year
→ Obtaining additional state aid
→ Planning for no cost to school districts and no cost to taxpayers
→ Gaining fast state approvals
→ And… recognizing brighter classrooms with comfortable temperatures produce a better learning outcome


Kendra McQuilton, CEO, Energia

Energia has managed over 125 capital upgrades, producing close to $1 billion in energy-saving improvements, and saving districts over $54 million annually in reduced energy.

Michael Ford, Business Development Manager NY, Energia

Mr. Ford is a retired NY Superintendent of Schools, Past President of Learning Forward, Board Member of the National Center for Education, Research and Technology, Leadership Faculty for SUNY Superintendents Development Program, Past Awardee of NYS School Superintendents Council (NYSCOSS) and is the NYSCOSS Leadership Coach.