Earth Day serves as a perfect annual reminder for everyone to step back and reflect on how their lives are impacting our world.  Each year, Energia team checks in on the positive impacts our energy performance contract speciality and projects will have on the environment.

Overall, Energia’s projects generate energy savings by implementing LED lighting upgrades, temperature control improvements, boiler replacements, and many other energy efficiency strategies. In addition to driving monetary savings for our customers, we are also assisting  to minimize their carbon footprint by consuming less day-in and day-out.

In the last year, Energia’s team has initiated Energy Performance Contracts generating guaranteed annual savings which will:

  • Save over 30 Million kWh per year
  • Reduce natural gas consumption by 1.5 Million therms per year
  • Avoid the burning of almost 150,000 gallons of oil annually

With the help of the Environmental Protection Agency, the Energia engineering team is able to evaluate the positive environmental benefits resulting from these projects. By saving the above, we equate to avoiding the production of nearly 30,000 metric tons of carbon dioxide annually. It’s as though we took ~8,000 passenger vehicles off the road OR the equivalent of the energy use in over 4,000 homes per year.

This Earth Day, we would like to thank all of our customers, partners, and employees who contributed to another successful year of driving environmental benefits in our community, and doing our part to help with our world’s climate.