Overheating: The Enemy of Student Success

New research suggests that classroom temperatures play a part in student performance, especially if it concerns overheated classrooms.

According to a new study released by the National Bureau of Economic Research, higher classroom temperatures can directly result in lower test scores. The study involved PSAT data from 10 million students, taken from high school classes during 2001–2014. According to the research, starting from a certain average temperature, each degree of increase leads to a reduced learning rate. The paper’s researchers wrote that, on average, a temperature that’s as little as one degree hotter (measured in Fahrenheit) could have an adverse effect.*  Most school districts Energia has surveyed suffer from overheating issues in the Winter. These are generally due to an inefficient or non-existent building management system. The good news is, you need not suffer with these problems indefinitely.   There’s a method to correct your heating imbalances immediately with no upfront cost, energy performance contracting:

Energy Performance Contracting’s Educational Benefits:

  • Correct overheating/lack of heating problems throughout buildings
  • Improve lighting/redesign lighting to reduce glare
  • Fix ventilation system to ensure enough fresh air is entering the leaning/working environment

Your students are relying on you to give them the best chance at success. Please contact Kendra@EnergiaSaves.com for a free heating assessment and roadmap for improvement options.