Pittsburgh Public Schools GESA: Allegheny Traditional Academy

Pittsburgh, PA

Project Overview

This is the first Guaranteed Energy Savings Act (GESA) project for Pittsburgh Public Schools (PPS).

Energia was first engaged by the District in the Fall of 2020 to initiate a GESA program to help address deferred capital upgrades throughout their facilities. Energia initiated this process by reviewing on-going and planned future capital work to determine the optimal approach to serve as a pilot, or proof-of-concept, for Pittsburgh Public Schools.

The Allegheny Traditional Academy HVAC renovation was selected by the team because of its complexity, requirement for numerous trades, and HVAC-focused needs throughout the building. Energia initiated a competitive Request for Proposal (RFP) process, selected The Efficiency Network (TEN) and as of April 2021 the project is poised to enter into the implementation phase in the coming weeks. The team is expecting substantial completion in the Fall of 2022.



The major highlight of this project is the time to execute. Energia first met with the district before the pandemic began back in late 2019. The project was put on hold while everyone dealt with the COVID-19 emergency, but in the Fall of 2020, Energia was re-engaged to initiate the pilot program at Allegheny Traditional Academy. Energia and PPS district staff worked efficiently through the fall to select an energy services company in December 2020. Afterwards, the team initiated the comprehensive energy audit phase in the first week of January.

Due to the efforts of the various stakeholders from Energia, TEN, and the district team, the GESA contract scope, costs, savings, and legal terms were developed and negotiated in time for approval by the Board of Education in March 2021.


Five Examples of Energy Conservation Measures:
  • LED Lighting Upgrades
  • Water Conservation Upgrades
  • Steam-Hot Water Conversion
  • Solar Thermal Hot Water
  • Interconnection to City Steam & Chilled Water Systems

Project Statistics

Project Size

$15.7 Million

Guaranteed Energy Savings (Annual)


Completion date

March 2023

Project Type

Guaranteed Energy Savings Act (GESA)

Energy Service Company

The Efficiency Network (TEN)

M/W BE Participation