$467,364 Guaranteed Savings in Year One

(SEYMOUR, CT, October 2018) – To conserve energy and save taxpayers money, twenty-one energy conservation methods are planned as part of the Energy Savings Performance Contracts (ESPC) throughout thirteen Town and School District Buildings in Seymour Connecticut.   The Town will reap the benefits of this project within months of the implementation of the initial measures.

“The Town of Seymour is very excited to move forward with this ESPC project with Johnson Controls and Energia.”  said First Selectman Kurt Miller. “It will allow for vital upgrades to our town buildings, with no impact on taxes, while also saving energy and helping the environment.”

Understanding the benefits of an ESPC, the Town hired Energia as their Owner’s Representation, Consulting and Technical Evaluator to guide them through the process.  With Energia’s established expertise and the Town’s desire to save, a proposal was released for an Energy Services Company (ESCO) for the ESPC. After receiving a competitive response it was determined that the best suited ESCO to implement and guarantee this ESPC was Johnson Controls, Inc. (JCI).

Energia and JCI worked with the Town to develop a detailed investment grade Comprehensive Energy Audit (CEA) with site specific scope to incorporate energy conservation measures that were most important to the Town and School District.

Through these services the ESCO, JCI, will guarantee the yearly energy savings and prove them in an annual measurement and verification report which Energia, the Town’s Representative, will analyze and approve with the Town.

The Town has received all approvals necessary to move forward and the final design and construction phase has officially begun.

Quick Statistics:

  • Total Project Cost: $8,672,272
  • Year One Savings: $467,364
  • Savings include approximately 2.5M kWH and over 50,200 therms within the first year

Highlighted Measures are:

  • LED LIGHTING to 13 Town and School District Buildings
  • Energy Management Systems
  • Weatherization
  • Boiler Replacements and Improvements
  • Water Conservation
  • Solar Photo-voltaic: 1,300 kWdc combined at the High School, Middle School and Bungay School Roofs – with a High School Carport PV System
  • Air Handling Unit Upgrades at the Community Center and High School


Energia provides expert consulting and design services for complex energy efficiency projects. Our specialty provides clients: expert technical guidance; the benefits of state-of-the-art energy technologies; and the assurance of optimal value and a successful outcome.

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