By Jane Leonhardt, Summit Daily

PRESENTATION RECAP NYSCOSS Fall Leadership Summit – Summit Daily Blast

The educational session, “How Newburgh Effected Transformational Change with One Simple Initiative,” was sponsored by Premier Diamond Partner Energia and presented by Kendra McQuilton, CEO of Energia and Dr. Robert Padilla, former Superintendent of Newburgh Enlarged City School District.

This educational session was one of more than 50 that were presented at the 2019 Fall Leadership Summit which hosted more than 1,000 educators and strategic partners.

Padilla gave a first-hand account as to how his large school district was able to reduce their greenhouse gases and energy costs by 60%. With the help of Energia, the Newburgh Enlarged City School district will see a $13 million positive cash flow over the next 15 years.

McQuilton and Padilla highlighted that the changes come at no cost to taxpayers, need no voter approval and come with guaranteed savings. “Politically, this is always a homerun,” McQuilton said.

The changes not only affect the school district’s budget on a positive way, but students are positively impacted as well. With adjustable LED lighting, proper ventilation, and proper temperature controls across school buildings, students are more comfortable and have sharper focus.

Newburgh School District also found that the Energy Performance Contract (EPC) strengthened trust between them and their community. With communication through forums, press releases and social media, members of the community became excited and involved with the project, making it a big win for all.