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The fallout from COVID-19 has left many school districts faced with a new reality: increased operational costs, uncertain funding, and a heightened moral imperative to provide the safest, healthiest learning environments for their students.

In response to these challenges, CSArch and Energia are proud to announce a newly-formed strategic partnership.

Education’s Choice for Smarter Energy Performance Contracts

Energy Performance Contracts (EPC) offer an innovative solution to finance critical infrastructure improvements through a budget neutral solution with no out-of-pocket costs. But all too often, districts are wary of executing EPCs in unison with capital bond projects.

During these challenging times, districts are overwhelmed and need guidance to understand and manage capital bond funding and EPCs. That’s why Energia and CSArch developed a strategic partnership.

CSArch is an architecture, engineering, and construction management firm with a specialized practice in K-12 buildings and expertise leveraging New York State Building Aid to offset costs of building improvements. Their specialty, coupled with Energia’s 20 years of EPC advocacy for PK-12 school districts, creates a unique partnership allowing us to offer your district the highest level of expertise in both EPCs and traditional capital projects. Both firms will collaborate closely with each other and their clients, resulting in a funding approach that not only represents the district’s capital needs, but is also sensitive to taxpayers.

Our in-depth knowledge, non-proprietary approach, and proven track record of delivering successful EPCs offers a seamless and coordinated solution for school districts interested in this type of project financing. It makes savings part of the plan from day one.

Using EPCs to Fund HVAC System Upgrades

Many districts are looking to improve mechanical and ventilation systems in response to COVID-19. A focused effort in developing an EPC to fund mechanical and electrical upgrades is a viable method to make much needed improvements while limiting the use of capital bond funding. By utilizing reimbursements through the NYSED mandated Building Condition Survey (BCS), mechanical systems can be more deeply analyzed and evaluated. An industrial hygienist will also be part of the team to evaluate the most appropriate approach to the upgrade or replacement of mechanical and ventilation systems.

Talk to us to learn how we can help your school district develop a tax-neutral solution to fund critical building system improvements.

“CSArch and Energia have worked collaboratively and strategically to help our district move toward bringing the best designed and most cost-effective projects before our voters. Every step of the way, Energia has listened to the needs of the district through the process of RFP and ESCO selection. We have been well-served by their collaboration and professionalism.”

Kim Fontana, Superintendent, Pawling CSD

A strategic, integrated approach, tackling two initiatives at the same time, when done well, saves time and money by utilizing an EPC as part of a capital improvement project. Our expertise in New York State Building Aid, combined with Energia’s focus and specialization in controlling EPCs, provides our clients with a streamlined process to realize maximum value through Energy Performance Contracts, as well as an innovative, fiscally responsible approach to funding capital improvements district-wide.”

Dan Woodside, President, CSArch

“Our partnership with CSArch, one of the leading PK-12 Architecture Design firms in New York State, provides us with a whole-building approach to better help school districts from day one of a project. This results in a more collaborative process, ensuring that EPCs are seamlessly integrated into our mutual clients’ overall capital project goals.”

Kendra McQuilton, CEO, Energia


Connect with us today to learn how the Energia + CSArch team can help your school district with Energy Performance Contracts.

Kendra McQuilton, CEO
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Dan Woodside, President