A representative from Eversource recently announced that LED lighting incentive money is expected to dry up within the next year.  How can you take advantage of this program now?

Expert Guidance on How to Capitalize on Eversource’s Rebate Program

Energy Performance Contract (EPC) projects are a perfect fit for Eversource’s Tiered Comprehensive Incentive Structure. Basically, the more upgrades you capitalize on today, the higher your Eversource incentives will go.

You could save 5 or 6 figures a year on electricity and FINALLY get those crucial energy upgrades taken care of while these incentive programs last.

The best part? You will also receive CASH back with the Eversource incentive programs.

What are the Perks of getting incentive money through an EPC?

  • Guaranteed energy savings.
  • Improved energy efficiency from lighting system upgrades (average savings between 35-50%).
  • Reduced carbon footprint (great for the environment and illustrating your commitment to the community).
  • Upgraded, longer-lasting energy infrastructure at no out of pocket expense AND cash back with these incredible incentives!


Energia can help guide you to a brighter future with lower energy costs and improved infrastructure. A future fully financed through your energy savings.

What could your municipal agency do with all that extra cash? We’re proud to have helped many agencies reinvest the energy savings right back into their buildings/infrastructure.

Show Me Some Case Studies!

So What’s the Catch?

There IS one catch here. Eversource’s incentive program may come to an end in the near future, so take action now.

It’s time to stop overpaying for energy.

We would love to discuss how we can help you like we’ve helped these satisfied clients.

Please contact Kendra McQuilton at Kendra@EnergiaSaves.com to ensure you get the LED lighting incentives your municipal agency deserves before they are gone.


“Having an Owner’s Rep like Energia has allowed the Town of Cheshire to enjoy all of the benefits of an ESPC project while avoiding many potential pitfalls. I have thoroughly enjoyed working with Energia and recommend them enthusiastically.”

-George Noewatne, PE | Director of Public Works and Engineering | Town/School District of Cheshire, CT
1.251 million cash back, 24% energy savings

“Energia has become a valuable partner to the City of Waterbury during our ESPC initiative. Their team is cooperative, highly knowledgeable, and effective in communicating what is sometimes complex subject matter in a way that is clear and understandable to all of the city’s stakeholders.”

– Michael LeBlanc | Director of Finance | City of Waterbury
3.69 million cash back, 39% energy savings