Guaranteed Energy Savings Will Pay for Upgrades, Saving Taxpayers Millions

(WASHINGTONVILLE, NY, DEC 2021) – Washingtonville Central School District, with project partners Energia, and Honeywell, announce the start of construction for their district-wide energy performance facilities upgrade. The Washingtonville Central School District will generate guaranteed energy savings of at least $196,000 annually, which will be used to fund a minimum of $4.8 million in self-funding capital improvements to district facilities at no out-of-pocket cost to taxpayers.

“The Energy Performance Contract is allowing our district to fully maximize our financial resources,” said Larry Washington, Superintendent of Schools for Washingtonville Central School District. “By using the Energy Performance Contract to self-fund needed energy-related upgrades, we can free up our capital reserve, budget, and any future bond plans to address non-energy related projects, thus getting more work done for the same tax-payer impact. Energia is providing us with the leadership and expertise necessary to execute this capital-funding strategy.”

The scope of work for Washingtonville’s energy performance contract boasts the following benefits for the community:

Self-Funding Capital Improvements to District Facilities:


Guaranteed Annual Energy Savings:


Net Cash for School District Use Through Project Term:


Net Cash for School District Use Annually:


Rebates from Orange & Rockland and Con Edison:


Total Economic Benefit to School District

with No Out-of-Pocket Cost or Tax Increase


Energia, an energy-savings financial-engineering firm, provides expert guidance and technical oversight for the district throughout the Energy Performance Contract. The U.S. Department of Energy defines energy performance contracting as “a budget-neutral approach to make building improvements that reduce energy and water use and increase operational efficiency.” By selecting the energy service company Honeywell to execute construction, Washingtonville schools can pay for today’s facility upgrades with tomorrow’s energy savings – without tapping into capital budgets.

“We are excited to begin construction on Washingtonville schools with energy service partners, Honeywell. This is the time where all of the pre-planning comes to life, and every day the schools get closer to being cleaner, greener, and more energy efficient,” said Kendra McQuilton, CEO of Energia. “It’s always a pleasure working with schools who understand the need to be environmentally conscious and fiscally responsible. Larry Washington and the Washingtonville Board of Education have been exceptional in this regard.”

In contrast to a bond referendum, energy performance contracts do not require a tax increase or any out-of-pocket costs. The project is fully funded by a mix of building aid and guaranteed energy savings that the upgrades will yield over time. If the guaranteed energy savings do not materialize, the energy services company must make the school district whole.

The following improvements are planned for the energy performance facilities upgrade:

Building Improvement Benefit to the School District
District-wide LED Lighting Conversion Brighter classrooms District-wide
Temperature Controls Upgrades Improves comfort control of spaces District-wide
Ventilation Upgrades Improves ventilation and air quality for students
Building Weatherization Improvements Saves money on heating by mitigating air leaks
Pipe Insulation Reduces heat loss to spaces and prevents injury
Roof Replacement at Little Britain ES Improves roof condition and renews warranty
Roof-Mounted Solar at Little Britain ES Reduces energy costs and generates revenue

The total environmental impact of the Washingtonville project is significant. The annual CO2 emission reduction is expected to be more than 1374 tons. That’s equivalent to nearly 155,000 gallons of gasoline burned, the annual energy use of 165 homes, or 299 passenger vehicles taken off the road each year.


Energia, a team of energy-saving financial-engineers, seamlessly manages, and leads energy performance contracts (EPCs) for school districts nationwide. These projects result in environmentally and fiscally responsible improvements, facility upgrades, and world-class educational settings. As a trusted, independent partner, Energia not only ensures school districts can be confident their energy- saving initiatives, they guarantee it!


Washingtonville offers Pre-K through Grade 12, serves a population of over 3700 students, and is composed of three elementary schools, one middle school, and one high school. The district is among the highest graduation rates in Orange County at 93%, 13 percentage points above the New York State average.

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