Central Islip School District Kicks Off Construction for District-Wide Energy Efficiency Project

Guaranteed Energy Savings Will Pay for Upgrades, Saving Taxpayers Millions

(CENTRAL ISLIP, NY – November 2, 2021) Central Islip School District, with project partner Energia, announce the start of construction for their district-wide Energy Performance Contract. The Central Islip School District will generate guaranteed energy savings of at least $365,000 annually, which will be used to fund a minimum of $7.56 million in self-funding capital improvements to district facilities at no out-of-pocket cost to taxpayers.

“There has been increasing emphasis on healthier school buildings since the onset of the pandemic, where keeping our children and all who enter our facilities safe, continues to be our School District’s top priority,” said Ms. Sharon A. Dungee, Superintendent of Schools for the Central Islip School District. “Additionally,” Ms. Dungee continued, “this economically responsible endeavor will result in no extra cost to our residents, while creating a cleaner, more environmentally friendly educational setting for our students. The District is pleased that Energia is assisting us in achieving these critical goals.”

The scope of work for Central Islip’s energy performance contract boasts the following benefits for the community:

• Self-Funding Capital Improvements to District facilities: $7,560,000+
• Guaranteed Annual Energy Savings: $364,938
• Reduction in energy costs 25%
• Rebates ~$253,866
• Net Cash for School District use through project term: $5,266,895
• Total Economic Benefit to School District
with No Out-of-Pocket Cost or Tax Increase:

Energia, an energy-savings engineering firm, provides expert guidance and technical oversight for the district throughout the energy performance contract. The U.S. Department of Energy defines energy performance contracting as “a budget-neutral approach to make building improvements that reduce energy and water use and increase operational efficiency.” Central Islip schools can pay for today’s facility upgrades with tomorrow’s energy savings – without tapping into capital budgets.

“We are excited to kick-off construction at Central Islip schools. This project will make significant improvements to both the learning environment and the Earth’s environment,” said Kendra McQuilton, CEO of Energia. “Superintendent Dungee and the Central Islip Board of Education have perfectly balanced the need for capital upgrades with protecting the tax-payer from increases. We look forward to helping them champion this project.”

In contrast to a bond referendum, energy performance contracts do not require a tax increase or any out-of-pocket costs. The project is fully funded by a mix of building aid and guaranteed energy savings that the upgrades will yield over time. If the guaranteed energy savings do not materialize, the energy services company must make the school district whole.

The following improvements are planned for the Energy Performance Contract:

District-wide LED Lighting Conversion Brighter classrooms District-wide
Temperature Controls Upgrades Improves comfort control of spaces District-wide
Ventilation Upgrades Improves ventilation and air quality for students
Building Weatherization Improvements Saves money on heating by mitigating air leaks
Pipe Insulation Reduces heat loss to spaces and prevents injury
Water saving devices Manages water use and mitigates excessive water waste

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ABOUT Energia:
Energia, a team of energy-saving engineers, seamlessly manages, and leads energy performance contracts (EPCs) for school districts nationwide. These projects result in environmentally and fiscally responsible improvements, facility upgrades, and world-class educational settings. As a trusted, independent partner, Energia not only ensures school districts can be confident their energy-saving initiatives, they guarantee it!

The mission of the Central Islip Public Schools is to enable all students to fulfill their potentials and become responsible, contributing adults able to thrive in a culturally diverse, changing world. In partnership with the entire community, we will provide a quality, educational experience that offers equitable learning opportunities in a safe environment. We will link home, school, and community to ensure a positive, supportive education that fosters student excellence and success.