Want to make a huge impact in your school district?
Consider installing solar canopies and solar carports, both untapped multi-purpose opportunities you can implement right now.

Typically utilized in parking lots, walkways and other paved areas, solar canopies are elevated structures that host solar panels while providing shade at the same time. Schools can reduce their electric bills and protect against rising electric costs all while reducing their impact on the environment.
  • Finance rates to install solar canopies are historically low
  • PSEG electric costs are extremely high – solar canopies can help offset these costs
  • Canopy installs are eligible for NYSED Aid reimbursement to help generate additional cash flow
  • Opportunity to demonstrate an energy minded school district to the community with the introduction of solar

The great thing about solar canopies is their flexibility. You can install them over existing parking lots or walkways and maximize the space you are already using.

Absolutely. Solar canopies are a great alternative or addition to rooftop canopies. They can be seamlessly installed in addition to your current solar energy system.

The only impacts to your existing lot will be positive ones! You will be using the space twice as efficiently, providing shade to the cars and people underneath while gaining both financial and energy savings.
The benefits of solar canopies are significant. School districts can provide shade for their parking lots while simultaneously generating renewable energy. Solar carports are also a huge opportunity for districts to generate renewable energy. Many of these installs can incorporate an electric car charging station so drivers of electric vehicles can recharge with a solar polar while parked. The amount of dollars and energy being saved is a win-win for any school district.
Beyond the significant major benefits of energy and cost savings, solar canopies provide multiple other advantages including:
  • Efficient use of space – adding additional uses to the same square footage of space
  • Protecting people from the elements
  • Providing shade to pedestrians and autos – beyond the comfort aspect of shade to pedestrians and cooler cars, the shade also provides an improvement to the fuel economy of the car by reducing the need for heavy air conditioning use
  • Canopies can be angled for maximum production, whereas rooftop solar installations are limited by the characteristics of the roof on which it is installed
  • Provides an alternative to rooftop solar panels if a roof is unable to host solar panels or if the property’s electricity needs are too large to support a rooftop solar system

For further information on how Energia can help you facilitate a solar canopy into your school district, contact Energia

“Having previous EPC experiences in my school district, I am thrilled to be working with Energia for our Phase 3, Solar-based EPC. Solar panels will be installed on the roofs of several of our buildings, and a new solar canopy will be installed over the entranceway to our Middle School.

If you are considering solar at your facilities as a way of reducing energy costs, Energia’s experience, technical expertise, and financial guidance has been a vital component to the success of our project!” –Timothy Eagen Kings Park Superintendent