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Energy Performance Contracts: Your Untapped Resource

Mitigate Budget Cuts, Improve Your Efficiency, and Make Needed Capital Upgrades, all WITHOUT Building Aid By Herb Chessler, Former President, ASBO NEW YORK Educational Finance Specialist, Energia  In recent months, Governor Cuomo has stated repeatedly that if New York does not receive additional federal funds, the state will be forced to make drastic reductions in… Read more »

INTERVIEW with Assistant Superintendent Jack Mitchell

Why did you decide to do an Energy Performance Contract (EPC)? I believe in always continuing to learn, so I attend seminars and presentations frequently. My attorney recommended I go to a presentation that Energia happened to be giving with my fiscal advisor. I was so impressed by the benefits to my district that could… Read more »

Our Clients Saved Over $35 Million Last Year!

Is your District or Municipality needlessly overpaying for utilities? Energia’s clients are not. Check out the results Energia’s 100+ clients are generating. The following numbers speak to the transformative power of energy performance contracts that are managed properly: Total Annual Savings of Energia’s Clients: $35 million Average Annual Energy Savings: $500,000 Average Percent Reduction in… Read more »

Reduced Energy Use and Costs are Within Reach

Couple Our EPC and Energy Procurement Services for a Win-Win! Energia is Excited to Announce Our New Energy Procurement Service! Are you sure you are paying the lowest cost possible for your utilities? You can be if you let Energia help you with our energy procurement services.  Energia has partnered with a leading firm in… Read more »

Energia to Help Freeport Public Schools Save a Projected $345,000 a Year!

This $6+ Million project includes a 28% reduction in energy costs This project was initiated by Energia to assist the School District to leverage potential energy savings with the funding of key energy system upgrades.   Energia: PROJECTS Freeport Public Schools, New York Project Name: Phase II Energy Performance Contract Project Size: $6.28 Million Projected… Read more »

Pine Bush Central School District with EPC Projected to Save $422,000!

Energia Assists Pine Bush Central School District with EPC Projected to Save $422,000 Per Year! This $7+ Million project includes a 30% reduction in energy costs. Components of this project will include: a comprehensive LED upgrade; elimination of pneumatic controls; and installation of over 1.5 MW of roof-mounted Solar PV. (See below for complete list.)… Read more »